The expense statement for the month should reach HO as per the details:
PSR s - By 10th of month,
Managers-By 15th of month
Expenses received after the due dates will not be included for reimbursement along with the salary.
Expenses claimed should be as per the revised allowance structure & revised SFC.
Please note that for any queries regarding Doctor List/its up-dation/any changes in Doctor List, Mr. Narinder Singh (011-46109900-426 EXT.) shall be contacted. Email-id for mailing Doctor List -
For any Login issue/technical problem related to JPDCR, Mr. R N Singh (09818040319) shall be contacted.
With the introduction of telephonic call services, now you will be receiving important corporate voice messages every Friday at 8 -10 AM or 4-6 PM from phone numbers starting from 0120 or 022.
Submit your KBC Tracker for the month of May by June 8th. For detail see your JPDCR inbox.