To earn Sales Phasing Incentive of 14th Nov 2019,Achieve 28% sales of assigned targret.
The expense statement for the month should reach HO as per the details:
PSR s - By 10th of month,
Managers-By 15th of month
Expenses received after the due dates will not be included for reimbursement along with the salary.
Expenses claimed should be as per the revised allowance structure & revised SFC.
Please note that for any queries regarding Doctor List/its up-dation/any changes in Doctor List, Mr. Narinder Singh (011-46109900-426 EXT.) shall be contacted. Email-id for mailing Doctor List -
For any Login issue/technical problem related to JPDCR, Mr. R N Singh (09818040319) shall be contacted.
Please visit your mail inbox for a special incentive announcement - Special incentive scheme on sales phasing effective from 1st September to 31st December 2019.
Hope you have gone through Product Incentive Policy for Cycle II sent to you through JPDCR. It offers good opportunity to add to your earnings.Do go through it for any clarification contact your immediate manager.Wishing you happy earning
Wish you all the best for first phase of Collagen Teaser Launch, the rest of the regions would be communicated soon for teaser launch.