New method of entering Secondary Sales w.e.f. Apr 30, 2016
i)Login to JP DCR as earlier. You will see a new tab 'Secondary Sales Entry' : CLICK. You will see April 2016 displayed.Choose first stockist from dropdown
ii)All products will appear. You have to enter ONLY SECONDARY SALES UNITS for each product - value will be calculated automatically.
iii) Similarly, enter CLOSING STOCK UNITS for each product - value will be calculated automatically . Click 'Save' at the bottom of the page after all entries.

iv)Repeat for 2nd & 3rd stockist . If you wish to see the value total for any stockist, click on 'Show Grand Total' after saving
Please check your inbox for the latest protocol of Indomethacin in chickungunya.
This is to inform that Dr. Neeraj Kumar Singh - Sr. Executive Scientific Services has been associated with Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals. He has been a significant member of team involved in marketing and promotional activities of NAARI division products. From now onwards, he will be looking after marketing and related activities of following Pharma Division Products - LycoRed Range, Indocap Range, Eclonac Range, Metadec Range, Doxypal DRL and Mordica Range. For any queries regarding mentioned product range, Mr. Neeraj can be contacted on Mobile No: 8006982888, E-Mail id:

"Circular for April'18 Inputs, uploaded. See your Inbox for details."

"Finalize the list of 10 Drs for Cladoxim 200 in consultation with reporting manager, guide follows in inbox of JPDCR"
Please note that for any queries regarding Doctor List/its up-dation/any changes in Doctor List, Mr. Narinder Singh (011-46109900-426 EXT.) shall be contacted. Email-id for mailing Doctor List -
For any Login issue/technical problem related to JPDCR, Mr. R N Singh (09818040319) shall be contacted.